Sweet Tr-eatery,LLC.

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Is that Cake???

    You Betcha that's Cake!!!

At Sweet Tr-eatery, we Specialize in Cake balls, Cupcakes, and Cake Push Pops! 

Our famous cake balls are little, bite-size pieces
of  cake dipped in either milk or white chocolate and decorated with over 30 flavors to choose from.
The Cake Push Pop Originators of Central Texas! 

Our Cake Push Pops are layers of your favorite cake and frosting in a plastic push up container. Our Cake Push pops  are ideal for parties. Each Push Up comes with a lid so they travel and ship perfectly.
Our Sweets  are perfect for  showers, parties, meetings or any kind of festivity imaginable. 

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Call us today!   
   Delivery to Bell County Available!

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